Teeth Whitening

At Palmer Dental Associates, Patients are our #1 Focus

Teeth Whitening Easton, PA

Whitening procedures have effectiyely restored the smile of people with stained, dull, or
discolored teeth. At Palmer Dental Associates, we offer two methods of professional whitening.
Now for less than the cost of a single veneer, we can confidently say we can whiten even the
most stubborn teeth. Please ask one of our team members about your options on transforming
your smile!

Custom Tray Whitening:

This process is easily customizable for each individual’s situation. Our whitening gel contains 20 water to prevent dehydration, as well as fluoride and potassium nitrate to decrease
sensitivity. Formulated for day or night wear, it allows our patients to whiten in the comfort and privacy of their own home, when their schedule allows!

In-Office Whitening:

Some stains are more tenacious, often leaving patients disappointed with over-the-counter products. Or perhaps a special occasion is approaching and there’s no time to mess with
trays! Our chemically activated system requires no dangerous UV light exposure, contains
fluoride and a de-sensitizing agent to reduce sensitivity, and our average treatment time is under 1 HOUR!